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GiantessBooru (SizeBooru) Reviewed

Giantess Booru is an image sharing site that focuses on hentai and manga of Giant women and the men who love them. This site is also referred to as SizeBooru. It’s all completely free to use and artworks you find are all created by independent artists. That means that they’re don’t have to worry about what any company thinks of their work. They’re not trying to sell it to a mainstream audience. It’s all meant to be seen and enjoyed by other people who enjoy the same things. You can find anything from hand-drawn works to high-quality renderings and even edited still images from the real world. If you like the creativity of hentai, then you’ll love what you can get here.

The Story category is a lot of fun and should be checked out first. Giantess Booru has single-page comics that you can read quickly to get an entire backstory. The people who make them will come up with an image and add text over it. You’ll get both dialogue and exposition to get what’s going on in the picture. The stories are fun and you can read as many as you want without getting tired. They don’t go on for too long, but still, you have something to go along with the image in front of you.

GiantessBooru works well, but it can be clunky to use. The only real way to navigate is to check out a picture, then back out to the main page to find another. You can advance within the image page with the arrow keys in the corner, but they send you to the next work from the artist. If you’re looking for a specific niche, there’s no way to really explore it. You also need an account to like or comment on anything. In fact, you can’t even read the comments unless you’re signed in. Other than that, you can download any of the full-size images for free and follow links to the original works.

Download full size images for free
Links provided to original artworks
Story category gives you images with text

Need account to like and comment
No rating system
Site can be clunky to use

GiantessBooru is a fun Giantess image site that’s completely free to use. You can download any full size image you want, plus follow provided links to the original works. The Story category brings you to images with text on top to give you some dialogue and exposition to read. It’s a lot of fun to see what the artist was thinking of when they made it. The site is easy to use, but you’ll spend a lot of your time browsing. It’s a great site to check out if you’re into the giantess thing.