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TheCamDude Reviews JAVHiHi

JAVHiHi has a ton of Japanese porn videos that you can watch for free, whenever you want. You can’t download anything, but they do a great job of keeping the ads to a minimum. There aren’t really any annoying pop-ups or redirects to deal with when you just want your video to start playing. The girls are hot and most of them are in way more than one video. There are a lot of different categories for you to choose from and all of the videos are completely uncensored. There are no pixelated crotches to take you out of the videos. What you see is everything that they’ve got.

The Mini Skirt category is where you’re going to have the most fun. The girls are all scantily clad and looking very hot. The biggest draw is that they spend the first parts of the videos showing off before they get down to the sex. It’s a lot of fun to see them dancing around or flaunting their curves before you get the main course. Visiting JAVHiHi is the best way to watch porn if you really like the way that hot Asian girls look. You can check out every single inch of them, just like you probably try to do on the street.

The JAVHiHi site itself works really well. The videos are lower quality, but that means they play really quickly. You can get onto the site and start watching your porn right away without having to wait for the buffering to finish. It’s not great for someone who likes high definition, but it’s really good if your internet connection is slow. You can see all of the videos that your favorite girls have been in, but you can’t follow them to keep up with the new ones. You have to keep checking back if you’re really into them.

Everything is uncensored
Rate and comment on any video you want
Mini Skirt category has hot girls showing off before the sex

No downloads only streaming
Lots of low quality videos
Can’t follow favorite girls

JAVHihi is a great JavHD site worth a look. All of the videos are long and they’re all free to stream. They’re also all uncensored. You won’t have to deal with any pixelation at all. The Mini Skirt category lets you see the girls flaunt their bodies before they start having sex. They’re all gorgeous, so it’s nice to be able to take them all in beforehand. All of the porn is lower quality, but it starts playing really quickly. It’s perfect if you have a slower internet connection to deal with. You definitely want to check out JAV Hihi. It has the hot Japanese girls you want.